- for musikkmiljøet i Vestland.


Brak is a non-profit artist & music business development center aiming to support musicians, bands, venues, promoters and other music business on the westcoast of Norway. The organization is government funded but independently run, and both membership and all of our seminars, workshops and guidance is free of charge.

Support centre

Brak runs a qualified support centre aimed at providing assistance to both musicians, event promotors, organizers, producers, suppliers, or those who are simply interested in music.


Our goal is to help build more knowledge about the administrative part of making, communicating and selling music. We help our members with anything from how to run a business, artist promotion, funding applications, tour organizing and starting a festival, among other things. Brak provides counseling, seminars and workshops. Residents of Hordaland and Sogn & Fjordane can become a member of Brak. Membership as well as all our services are free of charge.

Guide to the Music Scene in Bergen

Bergen Music Scene: An introduction to venues, concerts and festivals


The Bergen Wave

Bergen is the biggest city in the western part of Norway and the second largest city in Norway. Bergen is known for its vibrant music environment and artists with international success.

Links to more information about the often used term “Bergen Wave”:
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The Bergen Wave and the media

Music Industry Catalogue

Here you find a catalogue of some of the companies in the region (from 2011):



We will be more than happy to share contact information or answer any questions you might have about the music industry in the region, in Bergen in particular or Norway in general!

Contact us at brak@brak.no