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Music Business-studie nå tilgjengelig i Bergen

Music Business-studie nå tilgjengelig i Bergen

Høyskolen Kristiania tilbyr nå Music Business som ettårig fagskole i Bergen.

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Throughout this course you will learn about the main branches of the Nordics and global music industries and how each of these branches are interconnected.

Note that the education is in English. This means that you will be equipped to work in an international industry rich in opportunities.

Theoretical teaching is combined with “up-to-the-minute” practical assignments, as well as the operation of student-run independent record labels. The interaction with the music industry is week-to-week where you will meet veterans with many years of experience, plus those people who have begun to carve a career for themselves, showing you the supply chain at every level thus giving you the tools you need to achieve success.

Overall, the program gives you the skills you need to start a career in the music business.

During your study time, we will focus on topics that include:

  • Record Labels
  • Music Publishing
  • Artist Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Music Industry Contracts and Agreements
  • Promotion, Public Relations (P.R.), & Marketing
  • Tour planning & bespoke events

Dette er et ettårig fagskolestudium. Her lærer du et håndverk og jobber praktisk med faget under utdanningen. En fagskoleutdanning er en høyere yrkesfaglig utdanning og ligger på nivå over videregående opplæring. Undervisningen foregår i mindre klasser. Det er tett individuell oppfølging, og mange av lærerne dine har solid bransjeerfaring på fagfeltet de underviser i. Dette er med på å forsterke nærheten til arbeidslivet.


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