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Ja Ja Ja – Autumn 2019 Submissions

Ja Ja Ja – Autumn 2019 Submissions

Apply to Play at Ja Ja Ja

Ja Ja Ja is a monthly club night held in London and Berlin, showcasing the best emerging talent from the Nordic countries. Held at The Lexington, a well-known and respected central London showcase venue with an excellent reputation and PA, and FluxBau on the banks of the Spree in Berlin, the nights provide a strong, independent platform where new “export ready” artists are able to showcase their music to key British and German music industry professionals, media, tastemakers and audiences.

The initiative is supported by the Nordic Export Offices (NOMEX) represented by: Music Export Denmark, Music Finland, Iceland Music ExportMusic Norway and Export Music Sweden.


Submissions will initially be reviewed by the respective Export Offices, who’ll produce a shortlist based on “export readiness”. NOMEX have defined “export readiness” as an artist who has a professional industry set-up (manager, label, agent etc.) behind them – either domestic and / or British/German – and / or a growing momentum, whether it be an industry and / or media buzz in the UK/Germany. It’s important that artists draw attention to this in the below form.

Local booking teams in the UK and Germany will then create line ups from the eligible acts, who will then be contacted to confirm their availability.

Berlin Booking Group

Ciara George-Lynch – (Reeperbahn Festival)
Marie-Christine Scheffold – (Selective Artists)
Melanie Gollin – (FluxFM)
Robin Shaw – (Four Music)
Sarah Besnard – (ATC Live)
Simone Kornalewski – (Nordic by Nature)

London Booking Group

Clementine Bunel – (CODA Agency)
Jon Hillcock – (BBC 6 Music)
Ben Blackburn – (Atlantic Records)
Hector Barley – (Push/Pull Music)
Ed Poston – (Concord Music)

Due to the high number of applications that we receive, and the limited number of slots available, it’s essential to include as much relevant information in your submission as possible – this will help the Export Offices and Booking Groups to decide who are the best artists to perform at the nights.

Some of the Nordic artists that have played Ja Ja Ja in the past: Aurora (NO), MØ (DK), Silvana Imam (SE), Vök (IS), Silvana Imam (SE), Lake Jons (FI), When Saints Go Machine (DK), Astrid S (NO) ++. See the full list here.


Artists chosen to play Ja Ja Ja will usually automatically qualify for travel support from their respective Export Office. Terms and conditions are set by each office on an individual basis so you should contact them for more information. There are no fees for performing at Ja Ja Ja.


All artists will benefit from a promotion and marketing team. A social media team will boost the profile of artists and the event itself across all major social networking sites.

NOTE: It is expected that individual managers and industry professionals working with participating artists will promote the show to British / German industry, media and audience to the best of their abilities. They will also be the point of contact for those with further interest.


Friday 14th June 2019 – Closing date for submissions
Friday 28th June 2019 – All successful applicants will be contacted by this date.

London Club Nights – Autumn 2019

Thursday 26th September
Thursday 31st October
Thursday 28th November

Berlin Club Nights – Autumn 2019

Thursday 12th September
Thursday 10th October
Thursday 14th November


Please contact your local Export Office with questions related to your submission – or for general enquiries, speak to
Project Manager Francine Gorman.

Link to submission form

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