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Gogoyoko is social music marketplace, where you can listen to all music for free and buy your music directly from the artists and independent record labels. Since mid October artists and music fans in Norway have been able to access the site and buy, sell and listen to music.

gogoyoko provides signed and unsigned artists with the opportunity to access the worldwide music market.

• Unsigned artists set the price for their music, get 100% of the sales profit, plus extra revenue based on streaming of their music.
• All artists a provided with a tool to connect with their fans – promote, distribute and sell their releases & live shows all over the world.
• Record labels, and therefore signed artists, are provided with the same deal.

Everyone can listen to and share their favorite music on using a fully customizable player. The player can soon be embedded to other sites, such as blogs and artists’ websites with the music store rooted in its interface, providing artists with a great instrument to direct people to their personalized storefront.

Everybody visiting, buying and selling through gogoyoko contributes to humanitarian and environmental issues. 10% of gogoyoko’s income from advertisements goes to the respected international partnering organizations. gogoyoko encourage artists and record labels to do the same by donating portion of their music sales profit to partnering organization of their choice.

Discover new music, buy straight from the source, and store your music collection online – or download it to any portable device.

Finally, Fair Play in Music