Kurs i markedsføring for kulturbransjen (for viderekomne)

Kurs i markedsføring for kulturbransjen (for viderekomne)

Du er arrangør, promotør eller jobber med markedsføring innen musikk- eller kulturbransjen og vil lære enda mer?

Markedsføring for viderekomne

Vi inviterer til et kurs der du lærer enda mer om markedsføring og tankesett bak hvordan du skiller deg sterkere ut med dine innsalg.

Kursholder er Lee Barter fra InGrooves UK, kurset holdes på engelsk:

Lee Barter is an engagement manager for INgrooves Music Group and works with a wide cross-section of artists such as Siv Jakobsen, Fenne Lily, Nerina Pallot and many others. In his role, he devises and implements YouTube and social media strategies, including creating content and marketing plans that involve traditional and not-so-traditional promotional techniques. Lee has a wealth of music industry experience and has previously held roles at Red Essential (previously Essential Music & Marketing Ltd and recently merged with The Orchard), The Orchard, ADA and BuzzMyVideos, a boutique MCN where he was the Head of Music & Rights


Foredragsholder: Lee Barter

Gratis for Brak-medlemmer
Påmelding: ja, 20 plasser
Mat: Enkel servering


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